(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster Many people wonder if hiring a public insurance adjuster is worth it when they’re faced with home or property destruction of some sort. They may see hiring one as just another expense and another person that they would have to pay, but what they don’t know is that the reward is far greater than the cost. Here are three questions that are frequently asked about hiring a public insurance adjuster in Philadelphia, PA, and other local areas: Q. What do public insurance adjusters do? A. After a disaster, the last thing you want to thinkRead More →

You probably know the story by now. It snows, kids have off from school, they decide to go outside and play, they build a snowman, put a magic hat on him and he comes to life. They have the time of their lives with Frosty until the snow starts melting and sadly, he melts too. But! Frosty comes back the next time it snows, and everyone is happy again. At Citiwide Adjusters, a leading public claims adjuster serving Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas, we like the story of Frosty the Snowman and all, but we’re wondering what happened to his home and how heRead More →

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word “snow” you probably run to the nearest grocery store to buy eggs, bread and milk just in case you’re snowed in for the entire winter (or the world is ending). While that most likely won’t happen unless you live in a secluded area in the mountains, it is possible for a winter storm to cause damage to your home. Sometimes, blizzards happen so quickly that you don’t have much time to react, and by then it’s too late. At Citiwide Adjusters, we’re a firm of public adjusters serving Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas. SinceRead More →

After a long, hot summer, the consistently cooler temperatures we’ve been having in the Philadelphia area come as some relief. However, as a public adjuster in Bucks County, PA, we’re well aware that winter weather and its accompanying damages are on their way. In particular, high winds don’t get much attention as a risk factor, but can cause extensive property damage. Today, we’ll offer some insight on windproofing your house before a storm strikes. Trees – That old tree on your property may look picturesque, but if it’s unstable, it poses a serious threat to your property. Your first line of defense should be toRead More →

You probably know we’re not talking about stocking up on toilet paper and eggs. Like most people, your Halloween weekend will be spent attending parties, trick or treating with the kids, watching spooky movies and eating candy. For some, however, Halloween is an opportunity to cause a little mischief, and not all of it puts a smile on everyone’s face. Mischief Night, the night before Halloween, is traditionally designated for pranks that range from harmless jokes to outright vandalism. Now, let’s make it clear that while vandalism rates do go up on October 30th and 31st, they tend to do so around any major holiday.Read More →

Insurance fraud costs American consumers a cool $80 billion a year–and that’s just the surface. While many of those who commit insurance fraud don’t intend serious harm, their schemes can have tragic results. At the very least, their crimes tax the resources of our legal system and very likely ruin their own reputations for good. We value honesty and integrity, and so do our customers. But throughout history, headlines are filled with stories of people who tried to make a quick buck by defrauding insurance companies. We can’t quite believe the lengths that some of these fraudsters went to, but all the stories we shareRead More →

The average loss from a home break-in is $2,185–that’s a pretty decent vacation, several car payments or a few college classes. Why risk losing that amount when you could keep yourself and belongings safe with a few simple safety tips? As public adjusters in Philadelphia, we’ve seen our share of property theft, and have learned some easy ways for you to protect your assets. Reinforce locks. This is perhaps the most obvious piece of advice but surprisingly few homeowners seem to follow it. Getting lazy about your locks is an invitation for burglars to waltz right on in. In fact, the majority of break-ins occurRead More →

Summer storm season is here, and hurricane season is fast approaching. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see another Hurricane Sandy this fall, it helps to be vigilant and prepared as we enter into stormy territory. As a claims adjuster in Philadelphia, we’ve familiarized ourselves with plenty of historical cases involving the world’s worst storms. Today, we’ll review three of the deadliest in history, if only to help us all become a little wiser in the event of severe weather. Great Hurricane of 1780 Deadly hurricanes like Sandy and Katrina would lead you to believe that the worst weather events have all happened in the pastRead More →

For as long as humanity can remember, fire has been an awe-inspiring, mysterious and fearsome force in our lives, capable of either sustaining our food and fuel or destroying an entire city. A while ago, our public insurance adjusters in Philadelphia shared advice on how to prevent house fires, which hopefully spurred a few of our readers to greater disaster preparedness. Today, however, we’ll learn about four major fires from American history, all of which go to show the devastation that can occur when fire safety goes unenforced. All of these events are from at least half a century ago, demonstrating how far we’ve comeRead More →

Plumbing problems can become a costly nightmare. You may understand this if you’ve ever taken apart faucets, shower heads, sinks or toilets. Disaster can still strike even without your misguided tinkering. We want you to be able to sidestep these issues and avoid having to deal with contractors, insurance companies and public adjusters in Philadelphia such as us here at Citiwide Adjusters. Here are some helpful plumbing tips: Locate your shut-off valves – If your toilet is overflowing and flooding your bathroom, you will need to know how and where to turn off your water supply. Your water shut-off valve could be hidden and difficultRead More →