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About Us

Citiwide Adjusters Inc. was first established in 1988 by our president, Harry H. Kantor. Along with him, our highly skilled senior public adjusters are comprised of Austin Vitacalonna and Jack Alstein, both of whom work as a team and are thoroughly trained in the handling of every aspect of an insurance claim. Our staff expertise includes a prior insurance agent for over 25 years and has given us all an in-depth understanding of insurance policies which we are able to utilize in our claim adjustments as well as passing this valuable knowledge on to our clients. We include as an advisor a previous 15 year State Farm Insurance property adjuster, which offers us a unique advantage when dealing with all major insurance companies and a second generation adjuster whose parent is still working for yet another major insurance company. Along with our years and years of experience throughout the industry we all take continuing education as part of our state and Citiwide requirements.
From interpreting your insurance policy to evaluating the damages, preparing estimates, and negotiating with your insurance company on your behalf, our insurance adjusters are here to help you. At Citiwide Adjusters Inc., we handle many large claims. However, we also handle any small claim with the same dedication and attention to each and every detail.

Our longstanding relationship with the insurance community allows us to provide the best representation available. This means greater settlements for you!

We are licensed public adjusters in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Rather than offering our services nationally, we have made a conscious business decision to concentrate solely on providing the best possible claims support locally in our community, the Delaware Valley.

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